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Welcome to Karma grrlz!
The ultimate e-zine!

There are as many different kinds of e-zines as there are people with something to say. Some are devoted to travel tips or investing advice. Others discuss politics or the arts. There are literary e-zines that include poetry and short stories or that simply collect jokes. The possibilities are limitless.

However, this is YOUR e-zine. For you, by you, and about you!

I hope you enjoy this e-zine. Be sure to sign my guestbook at the bottom of the screen or send e-mail to let me know what you think (or to contribute articles or ideas). I'll be updating frequently, so check back often!

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Go ahead! Enjoy yourself! Check out the cool articles or radio station! And most of all...HAVE FUN!

My Pages:

Articlez--written by YOU!
Reviewz-- of movies, books, and music
Cool Featurez-contests, polls, radio
Dreamz--get your dreams decoded
Advice-- need advice?
Quotez/Jokez--sent in by YOU!
Chat Roomz--make friends!
Mailbag-- your comments
Our Team--meet the writers
Contact Me-- send me your comments, suggestions, newsleads, anything!
Linkz--my favorite girl sites

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