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What kind of shoes do ghosts wear?

There was this guy who loved to sky dive, so he went out into the country in
a plane with an apple and a banana. He went up in the plane,threw the apple
and said, yeah, this is the right altitude, and he jumped out and did his
thing. When he got on the ground there was a little boy crying, and he said
"whats wrong little boy" The little boy replied,"i was walking my doggy and
it started raining apples and one fell on him and killed him!" The man walked
off, he went home feeling terrible. The next day he was out in the plane and
he threw the banana and said yeah, this is about right. He jumped out an did
his thing. When he hit ground he saw a little girl crying. "What wrong
littlle girl?" Asked the man. She said, "I was playing with my kitty and a
banana hit her on the head and killled her!" Once again the man went home.
The next day he was out in the plane, this time he had a granade, he
thought,if im gonna kill innocent things im gonna kill the whole freakin
world! well he threw the granade and he jumped out and did his thing. when he
hit ground he saw an old man rolling around on the ground laughing his butt
off. "What the hell are you laughing at asked the sky diver. The old man
replied," I bent over to pick up this apple and i farted and blew the barn

both Submitted by: Sarah from California


The ineffable joy of forgiving and being forgiven forms an ecstasy that might well arouse the envy of the gods

Submitted by Gabi from --