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Dreams decoded--

Had a weird dream? Want to know what it means? Contact us!

Dear Karmagrrl,
Im having a hard time, I keep having this dream about my soon to be boyfriend. In my dream, My friend and I are at his school, And I see him by the restroom, and he looks directly at me, and brushes past me, only to turn
around and tell my cousin (Friend) how good shes lookin.

Submitted by Sarah from California

Dear Sarah,
This is a common insecurity in those in a blooming relationship. You are afraid that you are going to lose this guy before you even get him. Most people get this sort of dream, so don't worry, it's perfectly normal. And for everyone. Don't worry TOO much about dreams, because they aren't necessarily predicting the future, only feeding on your emotions.

Love, Karmagrrl

Dear Karmagrrl,
I had this dream that me and the gay male that I work with are leaving our
company party early because he had a fight with his date and wanted to leave
so I left with him.(we are really good friends and I flirt with him all the
time because it is fun!) And as we were stopped at a stop light he just
started to kiss me and I let him because he is such a big babe! But I have
had a boyfriend for 3 years now and we plan on getting married! I love him
so much! So why am I having dreams about some gay guy that is just my really
good friend?

Submitted by 'What's wrong with me?' in Utah

Dear 'What's wrong with me?',
There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with you! You flirt with this guy (well, let's face it, that's the fun of having a gay friend)and now you're dreaming that it's going further. You probably have a small crush on him deep deep down. That's ususally what this sort of dream means. It's just bringing your feelings to the surface. You said yourself that he was hot...
Love Karmagrrl

Dear karmagrrl,
Ummm..I just had this very odd dream... And i wanted to know what it
means. I was in the supermarket with my mother and brother and we suddenly
made a wrong turn and ended somewhere completely strange. I t wasn't really
familiar to me. The person that was there was my ex-boyfriend. And it was
like a war zone there!!!! It was very odd... People were throwing stuff and
people were shooting eachother and stuff. A lot of people were dying, but my
family and i survived. It's funny because all of a sudden I have a dream of
my ex-boyfriend and although he has been on my mind, it's funny that he comes
up again liike this. Anyhow, afterwards, we made another turn and ended up in
my parent's store in the middle of the night. Then we had just left out and
drove home in our car which was parked outside. But the car was supposed to
be at the supermarket. Strange?? I had this dream before but I was by myself.
I find this very odd. I s this a sign or something??? Help!!!

Hmmm, yes, this is a very odd dream. When you and your boyfriend broke up, I'm guessing there was some hurt feelings on someone's part. That is the 'war zone' you were talking about. Your family survived because you got over him. Am I right? The rest is just details.
Love, Karmagrrl