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News and Gossip
Keanu 4 Ever!

Here's the scoop...


Keanu Reeves fans take note: A sneak peek of the creepy thriller The Gift, also starring Katie Holmes and Cate Blanchett, features a side of Reeves, as a redneck wife-beater, we've never seen--not to mention a riveting turn by Giovanni Ribisi.

`Heart of the City' Becomes Winter Wonderland; Tree Lighting First of Several Holiday Festivities in Downtown Los Angeles
LOS ANGELES (BUSINESS WIRE) - This year's Downtown holiday season kicks off with the 15th annual tree lighting ceremony at Ernst & Young Plaza, 7th and Figueroa Streets.
The public is invited to join a celebration with actor Keanu Reeves, Los Angeles Kings' Luc Robitaille, Mayor Richard Riordan and Central City Association President Carol E. Schatz for a spirit-filled event on Nov. 30 at 5:30 p.m. "Team to Win," a program at Centinela Hospital whose goal is to reduce the incidence of high school athletic injuries, will receive the proceeds from donations made at the event.

November 24-December 1
Keanu Reeves will be hosting 'Indie Rocks' on the Independant Film Channel. Special appearances with Dogstar and clips from their concerts and other stuff, so tune in!


Release Dates:

The Replacements
USA - 11.08.00
Belgium - 01.10.00

Switzerland - 16.11.00

The Watcher
USA - 08.09.00
France - 08.11.00

Germany - 25.01.01

The Gift
USA - 22.12.00 (Limited Release)
Germany - 08.03.01

Netherlands - 14.12.00 (?)

Sweet November
USA - 16.10.01

In Production:
The Matrix 2&3

TV Appearances
Nov. 24 - Dec. 31

An Act Of Vengance

Tue Dec 5 03:00P TRUE- Encore's True Channel
Wed Dec 6 02:05A TRUE- Encore's True Channel
Thu Dec 14 08:00P TRUE- Encore's True Channel
Wed Dec 20 01:05P TRUE- Encore's True Channel
Wed Dec 20 08:00P TRUE- Encore's True Channel
Sun Dec 24 04:45P TRUE- Encore's True Channel
Fri Dec 29 04:35P TRUE- Encore's True Channel
Sat Dec 30 12:30A TRUE- Encore's True Channel

Babes In Toyland

Sat Dec 2 02:00P FAME- The Family Channel
Fri Dec 8 04:00P FAME- The Family Channel
Sun Dec 10 02:00P FAME- The Family Channel
Fri Dec 22 06:00P FAME- The Family Channel

Bram Stroker's Dracula

Tue Dec 26 11:50P TMAXE- Thrillermax

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

Sun Nov 26 12:30A IFC- Independent Film Channel
Sun Nov 26 06:00A IFC- Independent Film Channel

I Love You To Death

Mon Nov 27 03:45P SHOE2- Showtime # 2
Tue Nov 28 03:00A SHOE2- Showtime # 2
Mon Dec 18 10:45A MAXE2- Cinemax # 2
Fri Dec 29 07:20P MAXE2- Cinemax # 2

The Matrix

Tue Nov 28 10:00P MAXE- Cinemax
Sun Dec 3 05:15P MAXE2- Cinemax # 2
Fri Dec 8 09:00P MAXE2- Cinemax # 2
Tue Dec 12 10:00A MAXE2- Cinemax # 2
Mon Dec 18 11:00P MAXE2- Cinemax # 2
Thu Dec 21 12:00P MAXE2- Cinemax # 2
Sat Dec 30 12:00P MAXE2- Cinemax # 2

Much Ado About Nothing

Mon Dec 25 09:30P STARE- Starz
Fri Dec 29 09:35A STARE- Starz

Point Break

Tue Nov 28 08:00P WGN- WGN Chicago

River's Edge

Sat Dec 9 08:00P IFC- Independent Film Channel
Sat Dec 9 11:30P IFC- Independent Film Channel
Fri Dec 22 09:00P BRAVO- Bravo
Sat Dec 23 12:00A BRAVO- Bravo
Mon Dec 25 06:00A IFC- Independent Film Channel
Mon Dec 25 09:00P IFC- Independent Film Channel
Tue Dec 26 01:30A IFC- Independent Film Channel

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